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PariMatch is a recognizable brand, which in the last two years has noticeably increased its foreign audience. It is a reliable bookmaker that keeps up with the times and is increasingly developing in the mobile direction. Great for new players.

Logically, every user wants to win as permanently as possible. So why not get help from third parties? But do they really exist, the ominous secret casino tricks of the pros that almost always lead to a win?

In the following guide, we have gone in search of clues and want to clear up some prejudices and myths.

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The six most important PariMatch online-casino tips

If you have decided to play in an online casino, you have already gone the first way to success. One of the most important slot machine tricks is certainly – Play on the Internet and not in a stationary gaming house. The differences between the slots are serious, although some of them are identical games. The slot machines on the World Wide Web consistently work with a payout rate of 90 to 96 percent. In concrete terms, this means that for a turnover of 100 dollars on the slots, between 90 and 96 dollars are paid out in winnings. In the stationary area, however, the payout cut of the machines is only between 40 and 50 percent.

Below we have compiled our six most important online casino tips. No, PariMatch has not had an epiphany overnight. We have no secret online casino tricks in stock. Rather, we show them how you can increase their chances of winning permanently with a serious way of playing. Of course, you will not end up in the green zone at every session. It may be that you lose your casino deposit completely. However, if you stick to the relevant tips, you will be able to pursue your pleasure for longer in any case. Never forget – the casino game should be fun. If you play on PariMatch with pleasure, the profits will come all by themselves. If you want to win “come hell or high water”, the bitter end is already pre-programmed.

1. Start with a serious bankroll

The decisive basis for permanently successful gaming is already made before the start of the game. It is important to have a seriously calculated bankroll, i.e. your starting capital. Carry out an exact, ruthless analysis of your financial circumstances in advance. Only deposit funds in the online casino that you do not need for other important things in life. You must be ready to lose the money. Play without financial pressure and you will have perfect chances to get on the road to success. Meanwhile, if you think that you can make a living in an online casino trick, you are in for a rude awakening. Never borrow money for a casino deposit, neither in the known circle nor from a bank.

2. Play with smaller stakes

Playing longer increases the chance of winning big. However, you should not strive for this fact with high personal contributions, but rather with very small stakes in relation to your balance. The magic word at this point is – defensive money management. Specifically, you should invest significantly less than one percent of your capital per spin at the slots. The recreational players generally advise acting at the minimum of the slot machines. It also makes sense to reduce the pay-lines on the newer video slots. As an example. For example, who acts for two euros on ten pay lines, plays for 20 cents per settlement way. However, if you bet the total amount on one line, you will receive a significantly higher payout if you win. At the tables, the stakes can be increased somewhat, provided you have a well-thought-out casino strategy up your sleeve. However, you should never play more than five percent of your balance; a lower value is better.

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3. Pay attention to the volatility of the slots

If you are looking for casino tricks for slot machines, you should know the volatility of the slots. There are different versions of the one-armed bandits. Basically, a distinction can be made between the following types.

  • Low volatility: PariMatch games with lower volatility are very suitable for beginners who just want to relax and enjoy the game. The winnings are on average somewhat slower, but quite frequent – ideal for recreational players.
  • Medium volatility: Games with medium volatility are very suitable for more advanced gamblers who are willing to risk more to achieve a higher profit. In games of this type it takes a little longer to make a profit, but the return is higher than in games with low volatility.
  • High volatility: High volatility means that you win less often but at a higher rate. It can take quite a long time to get a return, but the payoff is usually higher – ideal for professional online casino players.

Adjust your slot machine strategy to the volatility of the slots.

4. Take profits and pause

You had a lucky streak? The gaming session was successful? Do you want more? No. After every success comes failure. This is as certain as the Amen in the church. Take the winnings with you. Request a payout. It is the stupidest way after a payout to increase the bet amount to bring in even more money. Professional players work on the “two-pocket principle”. The capital stock is on side A. Profits go to side B and are not reinvested under any circumstances. In case of loss, the same applies. Do not try to recover the loss with increased game sums. Do not use doublings at all. The opposite way is correct. Lower your stake, i.e. adjust it to your lower balance.

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5. Set your own limits clear

Set yourself clear limits before each casino session. Observe them without ifs and buts. Ideally, you play their games in a fixed, time frame, for example, 30 minutes or an hour. Get out afterwards, regardless of the profit or loss. Furthermore, it is advisable to start with a maximum loss limit. If the balance is gambled away, end the round. Do not deposit the next amount immediately.

6. Get to know the rules, use fun mode

Part of the success of the game is that you know the rules. This certainly applies primarily to strategic games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and the poker versions. Only with knowledge you will reach the desired profit. But you should also know the slots. What special functions do the slots have? How do I reach the bonus and free spins rounds? Which pay lines are used for settlement? Ideally, you should test all games in advance in fun mode. With the majority of casino providers, you do not even have to register for this. The play money mode of the games can be used without registration.

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FAQs about the online casinos’ tips

In the following section, we have once again compiled the five most important questions about secret casino tricks that readers have asked us.

Can I find serious secret casino tricks on the Internet?

We want to make it clear at this point – No. There are no serious casino slot machine tricks. There are also no strategies that will guarantee you lasting success at the tables. Anyone who wants to sell them such “truths” is simply a scammer.

Can the payout ratio of the slot machines be influenced?

No. The payout PariMatch odds of the slots are fixed. The programming of the random generator is done by the software manufacturers. Even the casino operators have no possibility to manipulate the games, certainly not you. Immediately after the spin, the decision about plus or minus is already made. The reels do not stop randomly, but according to a precise mode. The actual, exciting spinning and the associated hoping is nothing more than a small optical show.